Never Buy Gas Again!

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Introducing the World's First
Solar Bike System!

What if you could slash your gas bill to the bone and travel as many miles as you want without ever refilling at a gas station?

What if you could travel hundreds or even thousands of miles using only the free power generated by the sun?

Well, now you can... with The World's First Solar Bike System.

What's a Solar Bike? It's a regular bicycle that's able to use the energy from the sun to provide motor-assisted pedaling. You'll be amazed at what it can do!

The new Solutions From Science Solar Bike has been built from the ground up to our rigorous specifications. Best of all, it plugs directly into one of our PowerSource 1800 solar generators -- and runs on pure, free solar energy.

Here's what makes our new solar bike so amazing...

  • Handcrafted and built to our rigorous specifications -- for Solutions From Science customers and subscribers only!
  • Strong 500-watt motor propels you up to 21 mph on flat land... without even pedaling. Go even faster when you pedal.
  • The world's only electric bike that plugs into the PowerSource 1800 solar generator for quick charging. It is literally a solar-powered bike!
  • Ride hundreds or thousands of miles on your bike using only the free energy of the sun. (Never worry about "Miles Per Gallon" or fuel efficiency again!)
  • Recharge the bike while you sleep -- and be ready to ride again by morning!
  • Save a bundle by slashing your gas bill. If you live in an urban area or in a warmer climate, you may never have to buy gas again! (As gas prices rise, this could literally save you thousands of dollars over the next few years.)
  • Ride up to 55 miles on a single charge... using the pedal-assist to make biking easy! (Ride even further if you use the pedal-assist sparingly.)
  • 7 different gears for all riding conditions -- make quick work of long flats or even steep hills.
  • The motor matches your pedaling cadence perfectly. It never "pulls" you faster than you want to go -- and it never "pushes" you when you're trying to stop. (In fact, the motor is "cut off" the exact moment you pull the brakes!)
  • The perfect money-saving vehicle for running quick errands around town. (Ride to the bank, the grocery store, or anywhere else you need to go.)
  • Park it anywhere -- sidewalks included. (Rather than hunt for a close parking space, just pull up to the front of the building, park your bike, and enter!)
  • No license plates required! Just hop on your New Solar Bike and ride!
  • Finally, a bike you can actually ride to work...

Without Even Breaking a Sweat!

As you can see, the Solutions From Science Solar Bike has so many advantages over traditional forms of transportation that it's difficult to list them all.

What's more, we've invested a considerable amount of time and energy to make the New Solar Bike one of the most comfortable and convenient bikes you'll ever ride. Take a look...

  • Our Solar Bike has the largest motor and largest battery available on any electric bike! Which means a faster top speed and longer range.
  • Sturdy, stylish design that’s appropriate for both men and women.
  • Sleek fenders keep mud and water off your back -- no rooster tails and no embarrassing marks running up your back side.
  • All-purpose hybrid tires for all riding conditions. Enjoy a smooth ride on pavement and extra traction on dirt trails or gravel roads.
  • Strategic battery placement provides a low center of gravity for easy balance and effortless turns. (You’ll be able to ride this bike easily, even if you haven’t touched a bike in decades!)
  • Front shock helps to absorb bumps, reducing strain and pressure on your wrists, shoulders, and back.
  • A disc brake provides smooth, fast, and direct braking power for safe and effective stops. (These are NOT standard brake pads. In fact, you’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily you can come to stop -- even when you’re going fast.)
  • A bright LED headlight provides visibility for riding at dusk and dawn. A high-visibility tail light makes it easy for drivers to see you, which helps to keep you safe.
  • Built-in chain guard prevents your pants from getting torn in the front chain ring (a common problem with most bikes). Wear pants, jeans, or shorts when you go riding -- really, whatever you want.
  • High-quality Shimano drive-train and components that will last for years.
  • Split saddle for comfortable riding -- takes the pressure off “sensitive areas.”
  • Quick-release skewers on the front wheel and seat post for fast and easy adjustments.
  • Luggage rack for stowing all sorts of items, including groceries, a change of clothes, sun block, a small netbook computer, and more.
  • Park your bike quickly and easily on any level surface with the heavy duty kick stand. (No need to lean it on a wall or post.)

Now, here's something important you need to know:

It's Not Just a Solar Bike...
It's a Solar Bike SYSTEM!

The Solar Bike System consists of two components: The Solar Bike AND the PowerSource 1800 Solar Generator.

We call it a "system" because the bike and solar generator go hand-in-hand. Every time you need to power-up your bike, simply plug it in to the PowerSource 1800 and you'll be charged up before you know it.

Charge up the PowerSource 1800 Solar Generator during the day while you're out riding. Then connect your bike to the PowerSource 1800 each night and let your bike recharge... while you sleep!

When you wake up, you'll have a freshly charged battery, and your New Solar Bike will be ready to knock out another 55 miles or more!

Why Should You Consider Riding
One Of These Amazing Solar Bikes...
Instead Of Driving A Car?

Now why would you want to ride one of our Solar Bikes instead of driving a car? Here are a five good reasons...

  1. You'll save money. Gas is already well over $3 a gallon and has been for months. All the experts are predicting $5 a gallon in the near future. You could easily save thousands in transportation costs by using the free energy of the sun to power your bike.
  2. You'll get light exercise almost daily. (Lose weight, get fit, and strengthen your muscles... without even realizing it.)
  3. You'll get sunshine daily. (Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, is proven to help prevent stomach bugs like the flu. Vitamin D is also a natural mood enhancer, so you'll feel happier after every bike ride you take.)
  4. You'll lower your stress... naturally. (Just being outdoors can do wonders for lowering your stress levels and possibly even lowering your blood pressure, too!)
  5. You'll turn heads. Let's face it, it's not every day you see a solar-powered bike! When your neighbors or co-workers see you riding yours, you'll be the center of attention -- and you'll get to share with them all the reasons you decided to get one -- the same reasons I'm sharing with you right now.

Limited Time Offer For
Customers and Subscribers Only!

If you were to buy a similar electric bike anywhere else, you could easily pay $3,000 or more. This is not some made-up number; we actually did some price checking to verify this.

And, as you might already know, the PowerSource 1800 solar generator sells for $1,797 (which is already well below the full retail price of $2,297).

Put the two together and you're looking at a total price tag of nearly $5,000.

But we're not asking for that much. We're not even asking for $4,000.

Right now, for a limited time, you can get the entire Solar Bike System for only $2,997.

Why so low?

Two reasons:

1. We want to see more people become independent of gas for transportation so they're prepared if and when the price of oil spikes.

2. Because we've designed our Solar Bike System and sourced it all ourselves direct from the factory, we're able to pass along our savings to you.

Here's The Deal...

As you can imagine, as the situation in the Middle East deteriorates and gas prices rise, the demand for these solar powered bikes is going to get even stronger. We have only 29 solar bikes in stock, but they're taking up warehouse space we need for other things. So, for a limited time, we're offering some incredible bonuses to the customers who order these bikes. But, order yours today because there's no guarantee when we'll be able to meet the demand again.

If You Already Own The PowerSource 1800, We Have A Deal For You, Too

Many of our customers already own the PowerSource 1800, but they still want the Solar Bike. No worries, we're not going to make you buy a second PowerSource just to get the bike! We'll give you the Solar Bike for $2,997 less the $1,797 cost of the solar generator. That's just $1,200, an astonishingly low price for this state-of-the-art off-the-grid transportation vehicle.

Order Your Solar Bike System Today!

Remember, the Solar Bike System lets you ride your bike as much as you want using nothing but the free power of the sun.

It's the perfect way to claim your independence from expensive gas prices and car repairs. Not only will you save money, you'll be healthier and happier, too!

Now is the time to take advantage of this special offer. Simply click the the order button below to order your Solar Bike System today...

-Bill Heid, Founder
Solutions From Science

P.S. The four bonuses we're throwing in, worth over $400, will get your survival equipment foundation laid. Starting with our PowerPack 600 (a $199.95 value!), a heavy-duty backup power supply that delivers 600 watts of portable AC power. So powerful it will even jumpstart a car, truck, boat, or small RV! Ideal for power outages, camping, or whenever you need portable power.

We're also throwing in our 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit ($59 value!), a 3-day supply of delicious, cook-in-the-pouch emergency food for one person. And you'll receive The Big Book of Off-The-Grid Secrets containing 463 pages chock-full of practical, proven strategies, tips, and advice to get prepared for almost anything that may come down the pike. Plus you'll get two of our most prolific heirloom seed producers: five pounds of Reid's Yellow Dent corn, and five pounds of Provider bean (a $29.97 value!).

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